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January 2002
5762 Tevet

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10 years. Is it much or little? It depends how you look at it. If we take the broadcasting in Yiddish "Dos Yiddish Wort" which is on air in Chernovtsy for half an hour every month, then this is a rather considerable term.

The broadcast attracts, in the true sense of the word, the attention of thousands of listeners - the Jews and non-Jews of the Chernovtsy region (the summary of all broadcasts is in Ukrainian). The excellent, varied, true Jewish music, selected by Frida Palanker, accompanies the broadcasts from the beginning to the end, touches on the innermost strings of the Jewish soul.

Materials on historical topics, restoration of forgotten names, the Holocaust, events of the community modern life, biographies of famous Jews who lived and live in Bukovina are heard in the broadcasts prepared by Isai Kluman, Boris Slobodyansky, Bella Kiselgof. I can only praise a pure, literary, true Yiddish that can so seldom be heard nowadays! How pleasant it is for our soul! December 20, 2001, the Jewish community members, city administration and public organisations congratulated "Dos Yiddish Wort" with the jubilee. The event took place in the big hall of the Chernovtsy Jewish House.

We are also grateful to the broadcast creators and wish them "Bis hundert und zwanzig".


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