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April 2002
5762 Nisan

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Opening the leading Israeli newspaper "Haarets" at the second column one can notice an appeal of the movement "Piece at present" to go to the vespers defending piece at Sharon's residence in Jerusalem. The motto is: "Get out of the territories!"

An appeal to refuse serving in the Army at these territories under the headline "You have a choice" occupies a half of the fourth page. Two hundred and seventy soldiers and officers have already put their signatures. If fifty people join them every week (this is the rate of desertion spreading at present), then their number will exceed three thousand a year.

A half of the sixth page is occupied by an announcement under the headline "There is a limit". It appeals to the soldiers at the active service to refuse from the war with Palestinians.

A half of the eleventh page is occupied by the paid address "For the sake of normal Israel". Four hundred and six soldiers and officers of reserve announce their solidarity with the deserters.

At the twelfth page a worried wealthy man blames Sharon for his being unyielding, calling his policy "A recipe for the national suicide". There is no announcement on behalf of Sharon's supporters in the newspaper, not mentioning the right opposition. Moreover, there is no word from the centrists against desertion. The whole country is allegedly supporting the defeatists.

The servicemen movement against the Army was set up after the Ambassador of the USA Dan Kertser's appeal to the citizens of Israel to express their will for piece and influence the Government. One day we will learn what attitude the State Department of the USA and European Union had to the payment of the campaign for defeatism.

The former compatriot, deputy Roman Bronfman made a speech at the assemblage for piece support recently and called deserters the conscience of the nation. In response to it he was accused of treachery. Bronfman turned to the legal advice of the Government with the request to prosecute his opponents for instigation.

It is not surprising that Arafat's television and newspapers pay a special attention to the crisis of Israeli society. Even heralds of "Khamas" acknowledged the rightness of the tactics to assault settlers, since these attacks cause activation of red-green inside Israel. They themselves seem to be surprised at the rate of movement for capitulation development at our country.

The leader of "Khamas" Akhmed Yasin shared his problem with the journalists: his people do not have time to supply with explosive all those who desire to commit a suicide at the enemy rear. Recruiting centers for suicide pilots are open in all cities of the autonomy. Young people who are ready to give their lives for the sake of killing any of us make long queues. Religious authorities resolution "for" and "against"a Muslim becoming an alive bomb is being discussed at the forum "Movement Khamas" in the Internet. Fisal mufti of Saud Arabia Al-Sheikh made a speech a year ago criticizing slightly murderers, but not from the position of killing the Jews, but doubting whether it is reasonable for a Muslim to become a kamikaze pilot, since his life has a particular value. The majority of Muslim authorities, headed by the main theologies of Egypt Al-Kardaui, resist him. They resolved that there is a difference between a suicide and a self-sacrifice for the sake of liberation of Palestine. Kardaui also explained why Jews have to be killed indiscriminately: Israel is a militarized country. All men and women can be called up for military service at any moment. And if a child or an old man dies, this is not deliberately".

Mufti Al-Sabri from Jerusalem, working at the territory of Israel, has the same point of view. He calls murderers "saint martyrs" in his weekly sermons. Nobody thinks of prosecuting him for instigation for murder. But then the criminal case was instituted against Itamar-Ben-Yviz for a sticker "No Arabs - No Terror!" Legal adviser of the Government took it as instigation for racism.

There is a sense of the fact that murdering of Jews is a pleasing to God matter, worthy of giving one's life to it. Experts from Egypt government newspaper "Al-Akhram" are being quoted, where there are Fakhmi Khavaidy"s appeals to Muslims not to sow doubt in the hearts of young heroes who struggle for the liberation of their homeland.

The leading Sunite and Shiite religious legislators met a month ago in Lebanon. They resolved that actions of self-sacrifice became a part of the sacred war. It is necessary not to allow the resisting minority to sow panic and doubt. It is interesting that Kardaui's ideology is openly being supported by legally acting inside Israel "Northern Wing" of the Muslim movement. The main part of Arab citizens shares the foregoing attitude to the sacred war and methods of its conduct.

Let us imagine that at the meeting of leading rabbis of Israel it was resolved to appeal to our believers to strike illegal blows against armed Arafat bandits. Not a self-sacrifice for the sake of murdering Arabs in the market, but dotted blows. It sounds curiously. Rabbis, broadcasting in mass media, say that citizens should not self-govern, the others just keep silence. If they tried to say it aloud, they would become prisoners as me. Let us imagine another curious incident. A hundred of Arafat and Khamas fighters publish in their newspapers appeals to refuse from participation in any actions against citizens of Israel, at the same time they charge Arafat and Yasin with crimes against humanity.

One more curious incident: Jews in the USA give a financial support for setting up militarized detachments of settlers and a special fund helping arrested radicals.

For the time being this money is received by Roman Bronfman and deserters. Rabbis appeal to obey the authorities, whereas sheikhs pray for killing all of us. That is the way we live.


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