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April 2002
5762 Iyar

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April 7 the Kiev Planetarium was studying the Star named Israel through the telescope of repatriation. "It is better to know than to suppose" - this slogan of the fair actually corresponded to the moods of potential repatriates willing to learn more about Israel. The Ambassador of the State of Israel to Ukraine Anna Azari, having cut the ribbon, thanked those present for their coming to support Israel despite a Sunday morning, snow and bad weather.

The Head of the "Sokhnut" Jewish Agency in Ukraine and Moldova Alex Kats greeted the public with the words, "You have us and we have you", underlined the importance of repatriation in these difficult for Israel times and expressed his conviction Israel would overcome the terror.

Opening of the fair is the first among a series of events dedicated to the support and solidarity with the people of Israel. The representatives of the Central district's towns, from Jerusalem to Gedera, gathered in a small hall of the Kiev Planetarium. People could ask them any questions on the life in these towns and receive a concrete answer. Undoubtedly, the questions predominantly concerned dwellings, employment and education. People asked concrete questions: how much is it a to hire a three-room apartment, will a forty-year old man be able to find a job and what are the safety conditions in a particular town? The representatives of the Center of vocational and advanced training for persons with higher education gave more concrete answers regarding employment. During an interview people could get clear information concerning opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills with or without a diploma. The youth willing to become students in Israel were also not forgotten. They could meet the representatives from the Jerusalem Jewish University "Beit-Berl", Pedagogical College, Singalovsky Academic College and, of course, Open University of Israel.

A long queue of lottery fans got formed near the table with the indication, "If you want to win a prize, fill in an application form!". The circus collective, musicians and dancers amused children, as well as adults. One of the clowns solemnly pronounced after the performance, "If you want to see us come to us to Metula!". The children delighted by the clowns were about to go anywhere.

During the day about 2,700 quests attended the fair, many of which decided on the repatriation at once.

There are the following words in the autobiographical work by Sholom-Aleihem "Returning from the fair", "A man heading for a fair is full of hopes, he is unaware of his future achievements. When he returns from the fair, he already knows what he has obtained, what he has achieved, and he is in no hurry any more - there is no need for that. He realizes and knows exactly what the fair has given to him..."

In case with the repatriation fair the situation is somewhat different. Namely returning from the fair a man is full of hopes and doesn't know yet what is ahead of him.

I would like to wish future repatriates luck, implementation of their plans and, most important, peace.


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