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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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On May 7, on the eve of the Victory Day, the discussion of draft project of the would-be premise of the "Heritage" community cultural Jewish center took place in Republican painters' house. The premise, according to the customers' and executors' will, is intended for the museum of Jewish history and culture, for creation of educational center, and, in the long run, for research institute. It seemed impossible even to think about such tremendous projects in our nowadays hardest economic situation. Ah no, Jews - are a special nation. They are able to do that what we cannot even dream about. Moreover, after considering the would-be premise projects, designed by Ukrainian and Jewish architects, feel overwhelmed with admiration and astonishment. The scope, the design, modern architecture innovations, million dollars' costs - everything are there. Shortly, everything is in American way.

But there is a small problem - where to get the money? And the place for construction is, frankly speaking, not very suitable - Babiy Yar!

But where else can Jews be? The place was chosen rather long ago. It was Eikhman himself who chose the place! It is because Babiy Yar magnetically attracts us, we cannot live without it! For almost 60 years we have been visiting Babiy Yar. It is high time to settle there. What to go far for?! We should be closer to our moms and dads, our grandmothers and grandfathers. It is the very place of their tears and heartbreaking screams. It is there where their blood and bones are. Should there appear a new Satan it would be easier for him to send us into our native Babiy Yar!

Well, but Yar, they'll say, is already covered with the sand from the Dnepr River. It doesn't matter - the answer is - nowadays there are such technologies that make an ash of a man.

Regarding millions necessary for construction of the building? It is simple - Uncle Sam will help. He is generous and it goes about a charitable action regarding the long-suffering people.

Medics say the genius and schizophrenic are close to each other in psychological aspect. That's why I feel a relief: the above-stated project was designed by both of them.


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