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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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Many were aware of the coming event but discussed it somehow reluctantly. There was so much ado in the Jewish press and on TV! "First international scientific conference "Holocaust problems in Ukraine!" begins January 18. International! Hurry up to attend!" There were no doubts about a venue to be chosen for the event: Dnepropetrovsk is not Kiev, but it is also not Berdichev. This city has everything necessary for such occasion: the only in Ukraine scientific educational center "Tkuma" with highly-paid specialists in Holocaust issues, suitable premises, expensive hotels and, finally, most important - one of the biggest in Europe Jewish schools. Namely our children and grandchildren will preserve memory about the biggest ever tragedy of the Jewish people! The choice was, naturally, made in favour of Dnepropetrovsk, not Berdichev. This grand event did take place! There were so many specialists and academics from abroad! They say there even was a guest from Mongolia. Why not? Meetings were interesting, tasty lunches were free for guests...

As for themes... They were most diverse ranging from " how could this have happened?" to "how to preserve memory of this horror forever?" Conference over, guests left home having exchanged addresses and promised to remember one another... But they somehow forgot about the school where for 2 days 600 Jewish children had been vainly expecting their Jewish guests. None of respected guests showed up there! Well, children are small, they may take their time... There will be more such meetings on the eternal Holocaust theme. The time may once come when adult misters from different countries will explain these children what Jewish "Tkuma", which popularly means "Renaissance", is actually earmarked for.

When will this day and our true "Tkuma" come?


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