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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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"Jerusalem - city of contrasts" - it would be possible to give such an audacious name to Mikhail Levit's photo-exhibition which was held in Kiev Central synagogue. The event, organized by Jewish agency "Sokhnut" and symbolizing solidarity with the State of Israel, was not by chance held in Brodsky's synagogue. According to the head of "Sokhnut" in Ukraine and Moldova Alex Kats, a photo-exhibition in the synagogue is an adequate response to pogrom - makers who attacked it April 13. Those present at the exhibition's opening couldn't fail to recall about football fans part of whom, after the militia version, became pogrom-makers. The matter is May 26 the "Dynamo" Kiev played against "Shakhter" Donetsk and a numerous crowd of football fans was noisily rushing past the synagogue towards the Olympic stadium the whole day though. Chief Rabbi of Central synagogue Moshe Reuven Asman underlined a symbolic fact: an exhibition opening was planned on Day of Jerusalem but occurred May 26, when Kiev celebrates Day of city. Rabbi Asman called Kiev and Jerusalem twin-cities and expressed hope that similarly to Central synagogue's revival in Kiev, Temple would be in the nearest future revived in Jerusalem. The exhibition itself attracted quite a few visitors. Mikhail Levit's professional look at the capital of the world evoked interest of Kievites. There was also a funny moment: one picture showing an orthodox Jew and a barely clothed girl standing near a kiosk "Mifal a-pais" had to be substituted due to an excessive for a synagogue contrast.


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