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June 2002
5762 Sivan

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I have met Adin Shteinzalts several times. Each time feelings of astonishment and joy didn't quit me for 3 - 4 days. It was astonishing to discover this far from a young person has such sharp mind, readiness to thoroughly discuss any problem, ability to single out its core, to trace reasons and consequences, in a word,- an impressive example of bright dialectic thinking.

He expounds his ideas vividly and concretely with rich imagination and without excessive edification or showing off. His ability to work is impressive. He was reading lectures one after another in Hebrew and English. He seemed to find energy in his listeners returning it to them. He perfectly fits into the position of a Spiritual leader. He knows to bring together analysis of Jewish wisdom and knowledge of contemporary science, literature, art, history and philosophy. He equally confidently speaks before a wide city audience, school pupils, academic university gatherings. He is energetic and persistent. He doesn't allure but fascinates, he doesn't admonish but helps understand. His priority, "Let, first, there be more Jews, we shall later decide how to make more Judaism" is clear and symbolic.

Adin Shteinzalts was born in Jerusalem in 1937. He studied mathematics and chemistry alongside with Judaism at the Jerusalem University. At the age of 24 he created an innovation school and became the youngest in Israel director. In 1965 he created the Institute of Talmud publications where he began his monumental work - translation of Talmud into contemporary Hebrew with commentaries. For this work he was awarded the State prize - most prestigious in Israel

He published a huge amount of books and articles which are translated into many languages. He delivers lectures at most prestigious universities in the world and the Russian Academy of Sciences. He tries to bring to people what is best i the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds, to link all currents dividing the Jewish people. Rabbi is 65 these days. Let's wish this outstanding person to further lead everybody willing to preserve and develop our spiritual culture and national education.


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