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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Political scientist Mikhail Biletsky:

I have happened to study anti-Semitic materials of those, fortunately, few Ukrainian editions specializing in this. Comparing Shchekin's article published by the edition of such level, it reaches rather high-ranking cabinets, I see two dangerous moments. First, this is a signal to concealed anti-Semites in power structures the majority of whom have arrived at high posts directly from analogous Soviet ones and retained a corresponding mentality. This signal may mean a permission to pronounce such ideas and put them to life. Second, the author is president of a higher institution and is, obviously, a serious authority for his students. Educational process, undoubtedly, pursues the same ideas.

I think we should take a closer look at the surrounding of this edition and of Academy itself. Editorial board of the magazine may boast of many famous names of its members - among them we see not only renowned Ukrainian political figures, but Yegor Gaidar or President of Kirghizia Akayev as well. They are unlikely to know author's ideas. By the way, it is hardly compatible to keep a company of respected foreigners and, at the same time, launch a loud anti-Semitic campaign. It would be reasonable to ask these people to tell their attitude towards the publication of Mr.Shchekin.


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