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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Department head of Institute for political and ethnic national studies, candidate of historical sciences Alexander Zaremba:

- Especially astonishing is the part of G. Shchekin's article, which deals with an allegedly anti-Slavonic essence of Zionism. He claims Zionists 'for several decades artificially stir up unnatural discord among Ukraine, Belarus and Russia". Shchekin's reasoning about "Orthodox Slavonic lands as a possible main target of international Zionism" reminds corresponding materials from newspapers "Zavtra", "Duel" and other Russia's editions stating that Zionists supposedly played a decisive role in the collapse of Yugoslavia. Assertions that Zionists "stir up discord" between Ukraine and Russia can only make laugh any sober-minded person who is able to adequately react to the reality and, at least, superficially knows Jewish midst and public political organizations in Ukraine, Russia, Israel USA and any other country of Jewish diaspora. If, in effect, in Ukraine or anywhere else there are active forces opposing Ukrainian and Russian culture, languages, historic and church traditions, as well as perspectives for future of both countries, then these forces have nothing to do with Jews in general, and with Zionists in particular.

As for other Slavonic Orthodox countries, i. e. Balkan states, everybody is aware of close friendship between Serbs, Bulgarians and Macedonians, on the one hand, and Jews on the other. The Balkans have never had such anti-Semitism as that in Russia, Ukraine or Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Baltic countries). Historians and political scientists-researchers of interethnic relations in the Balkans agree on this. Many Jews professing Zionism fought on the part of Slavonic Orthodox peoples during Balkan wars, WWI and WWII.


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