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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Cinema director and publicist Alexander Muratov:

-It is senseless to profoundly discuss Shchekin's article as it has no scientific value. The article shows that some people, concealing for the time being their anti-Semitism, have now begun revealing it in view of the tragedies of the Middle East conflict.

Prime Minister Barak merely achieved a peaceful agreement. Concessions were made even in such painful question as Eastern Jerusalem. But Arabs foiled talks. Why? Should peace come and they live in their own state, who, then, will show interest in them? Who will need them? Financial currents will immediately cease flowing in. Palestinians are no good at developing their economy. This fact is historically proved. Palestine began prospering only after Jews' arrival in it. Prior to that it was a dead desert. Though, "Personal" silences this.


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