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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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Board member of All-Ukrainian society "Rus" and National union of cinematographers of Ukraine, candidate of art history Alexander Rutkovsky:

-Awarded with all kinds of scientific degrees, titles, posts and other regalia, like Brezhnev with his "hero" stars, Georgy Shchekin wrote the article on Zionism, rather, on its deadly danger to the entire world, Ukraine and every concrete person. The text appeared ridiculously ignorant in the scientific sense and truly anti-Semitic (not anti-Zionist), no matter all reservations, verbal shunting and evasions. This alone is sufficient to initiate court proceedings due to stirring up interethnic discord in our country and insulting religious feelings of countrymen - both Judaists and Christians.

Of particular concern is the fact "Personal", which published this opus, and the editing this printed organ IAPM are under direct G. Shchekin's rule. He has an opportunity not only to publish anti - Semitic products on his own will, but, as a lecturer, to bring up corresponding outlook in his students-future Ukrainian managers as well. Thus, if students of IAPM prove diligent learners, their managing activity in the near future will make Jews of Ukraine recall about recently broken windows of Brodsky's synagogue as an elegiac episode of heavenly past. To crown it all, Shchekin appeals to the world community and dreams of a "World anti-Zionist organization". Doesn't it look similar to one of the bloodiest periods of the XX century?


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