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June 2002
5762 Tammuz

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We have another good news!

A kosher Jewish restaurant "Kidush" has opened its doors in our city. As they say, "Mazl tov!". Bon voyage! Why, you may ask, should this restaurant not be opened if all others do this? A Ukrainian restaurant gets opened, the same goes with an Armenianan one, why not ours, a Jewish one?

It's high time our Jews quit attending other restaurants and consume non-kosher, i.e. forbidden by God meals cooked of horse-flesh, pork or a caught in bushes hare! We now have everything cooked in the Jewish way, like our mothers and grandmothers once cooked. Though, the prices... Well, you may go there once in two-three days...

This restaurant is located in the center of Dnepropetrovsk on the corner of the Ispolkomovskaya street and Karl Marx avenue, where Jews once lived. The restaurant was, probably, opened in memory of them. To feel melancholy when you descend to the cellar.

I have recently dropped in there and was pleasantly struck by an amicable atmosphere reigning in the restaurant, by its furniture, pageantry, lithographs on the walls depicting a daily life of our ancestors!

You shouldn't fail to go there, you hear, but you must have money about you! There is nothing to do there without the money. Well, if you have it scarce, then take, at least, a hundred per person and then... You will be seated in a comfortable chair at an oak table and they will bring you a menu you will immediately feel dizzy of. Of sole names and, well, of prices, too. Only a 100-gram forshmack of herring will weigh 10 hryvnas. But the name... It bears the name of a very rich Jewish saint - "Vilensky Gaon", that's it! If you don't want it - take, as a special treat, a stew "Baal Shem Tov" priced 13 hryvnas. This one is more expensive and quite deserves it because teaching of Baal Shem Tov ", like the sun, throws light on the whole world nowadays. So, do not grudge your money and, God forbid, do not leave any salad unfinished saying it tastes not "Vilensky Gaon" but another dish beginning with the same letter. You will deadly insult the hosts.

But I liked it! I ate nothing, read and wrote it down. I singled out a trademark dish from a chef named "veal Birobijan". It is served for four persons and costs only 220 hryvnas! That's why I plan to once go there with my family- my wife and grandson- to treat us to tastiness. But there are only three of us. We need a fourth one. An ordinary Jew-pensioner from a free charitable canteen will not join us. To crown it all, he will call our names. So, where can I find this fourth to make our company and, alongside, to pay for this joy? Only 220 hryvnas. A pension and a half...

Will you go with us?


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