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November 2001
5762 Kheshvan

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A car is, as known, not a luxury. Probably, that's why the journalists of Ukraine gather for the third successive year to take part in an auto rally during which they do not spare much their four-wheel companions. Such last competition was held October 19-21 in the capital of Ukraine.

The first day we were accommodated in the "super comfort" holiday hotel "Leader" in Pushcha Voditsa in which rooms there were no towels as well as hot water. Having read the instructions we set out for a meeting party. The rally organizer Liudmila Mekh introduced us to one another with the sympathetic and ravishing support by the general sponsor - the "Soyuz Viktan" representative. Except us, representatives of "Kol Israel", there were journalists from Russia and Lithuania.

The event was particularly extravagant due to the presence of a Ukrainian lady-journalist - a citizen of Iran. It should be noted that the girl with the Persian eyes immediately won a great popularity among numerous colleagues of Jewish origin. But complete absence of the diplomatic relations with Iran gave some preference to the Israeli team. So, right on the spot they held an Israeli-Iranian talk show in Russian. All observers learned much interesting, for example, that the "Hezbollah" terrorist organization is not popular among the progressive population of Iran.

Then the Sevastopol bard Sergey Kurochkin sang his new song dedicated to the event. It immediately won acknowledgement and became the hymn of the journalist rally being performed many more times including the main square of the country.

During two next days of October more than 30 crews set out on the course from Puscha - Voditsa. The rally participants had to follow the given route according to the schedule and to be on the finish in due time. To show driver's skills was part of the sports show at the Olympiysky stadium, the "Chaika" stadium and on Kreshchatik. Considering the fact that the team "Kol Israel" took part in the competition for the first time, our place among the first ten winners can be considered as normal.

It is of interest, the particular spectators' enthusiasm was caused by the race of the legendary "humpbacked" "Zaporozhets". Many participants asked the representative of one of the sponsors - "Auto ZAZ-Daewoo" to renew the production of the old "humpbacked" cars as was the case with the Volkswagen "Bug". All this has brought to the thought: "Why not to renew the production of the Israeli "Susita" which reputation is no less than that of the "Zaporozhets" one.


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