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November 2001
5762 Kislev

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How deeply correct is the saying of one of our wise men - rabbi Abraham Yakov from Sadigora: "Every people has its own melody and none plays the melody of the other".

It is really so. Every people has its own history, traditions, its own way of life, its own culture. So has our people. Despite of deep assimilation it goes on playing its melody.

It is the third straight year already that the Days of Jewish Culture - a peculiar bridge between the past and the future - have been organized in Poltava. They are organized by the Poltava Jewish community library supported by the Kharkov "Joint" office, directors of the community culture center "Sholom" and "Khesed Nefesh" A.Muchnik and L.Sukha, and assisted by community volunteers.

The apotheosis of the holiday this year was the premiere of the play staged by the community youth center "A Yiddishe mazl" after "Stempenyu" by Sholom-Akeikhem (producer B. Burlaka).

The optimistic and sparkly final of the play and the whole holiday undoubtedly strengthened the faith in indefinite continuation of the Jewish people's melody.


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