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14/33 July 2002
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Why don't our procurators consider the motto of «Idealist» - «We pass Law on deportation of Jews from Ukraine»- an incitement to violence?
How should «Joint» distribute the money of American Jews for there remain no offended in Ukraine the bigger part of which population lives below a poverty line?
Over 500 delegates from the former Soviet republics, Germany, Israel, USA, Australia gathered in Moscow to found a World Congress of Russian-speaking Jews.
Even in the Soviet times there were Jews who consciously went to prison for their denial to renounce Torah, and those who sent them there for the same «crime».


United Kingdom. The Wales Jewish community decided to present 8 Torah rolls to Israel. Among them - two rolls left intact after an anti-Semitic attack at the synagogue in Swansea. Rabbi Josef Aivz, the head of Cardiff Jewish community, together with representatives of Jewish agency in London discussed the details of this donation. He informed the rolls would be passed to religious schools and Israel's Defense Army.

In Swansea Synagogue there are 11 Torah rolls, 10 of them are usually thoroughly protected. Through this they remained intact during the Synagogue arson.

Germany. A primary Jewish school is to be open in Cologne in September. This will be the first one since Holocaust. Nearly 20 first-formers will begin their academic year in the school named "Lauder-Moria".

Turkey. Chief Rabbi of Turkey David Asseo passed away aged 88. He has been the head of Jewish community for one year. The press release of Turkish community has it that Asseo died having left two daughters and two grandsons.

Brazil. The governor of one of Brazilian regions defeated a bill on Saturday to become a day-off. Such a bill could give an opportunity to 12 thousands of religious Jews, residing in Rio-Grande-do-Sul district, to honor the sanctity of Saturday and to have a rest.

Italy. The staged trial over Pope of Rome Piy XII took place in Italy. But it ended without any result: the votes of "Grand Jury" split in halves.

The late Pope Piy XII has long been accused by Jewish and international law protecting organizations of silent encouraging the Holocaust crimes. He was brought to public staged trial within the frames of annual Two Worlds' Festival in Spoleto. After lengthy hearings of many testimonies from both sides regarding Pope's case opinions of the "Grand Jury" divided equally: 167 to 167.

Canada. The commission on social equality and justice of New Orleans Jewish federation, having learned Ethiopian children need toys and games, mobilized its youth to gather toys and prepare to send them to Israel.

"It is impossible to describe the joy the gifts brought to children, - says a Jewish Agency Alia Department official Nikol Brett-Dayan. - Someone got a big toy, someone - a small one. But there were no quarrels and offences: everybody was glad".

Nowadays nearly 6 thousands new repatriates from Ethiopia reside in absorption centers. Almost half of them are children aged under 6.

Yemen. The "Al Rai al Aam" weekly has informed the state government secretly deported a group of Yemenian Jews to Israel. Besides, the newspaper states, "the process has just begun, and the first "part" will be followed by all representatives of Jewish nationality".

At the moment it is known that with the help of a Yemenian businessman, his name is not mentioned, nearly 70 Jews were deported from Yemen. The publication stresses there is no sign of violent deportation, but a "secret agreement between governments of Israel and Yemen" and "some other" interested parties.

On the basis of this "agreement" approximately 300 Jews "can be directed" to permanent residence in Israel.

Of interest is the fact that, according to Israeli sources, nearly 400 Jews have moved from Yemen to Israel over last several years despite the prohibition of Yemenian government on emigration.


USA. Surviving Holocaust victims and their families can receive full or partial tax exemption in USA. The House of Representatives has adopted a resolution on amendments into the existing legislation, which will make tax benefits constantly valid. According to rough estimations, almost 100 thousand Americans are liable to the benefits.

China. China and Israel have renewed their contacts in the field of supporting China's defensive capacity. They were terminated two years ago, when Israel, being pressured by USA, canceled the agreement on selling "Falcon" aircrafts to China.

Nevertheless, an Israeli military delegation has recently visited China. It was invited by the Chinese Army to visit its military bases. The parties discussed the possibilities of further collaboration in the sphere of defense.

The event was preceded by the visit of a Chinese military delegation to Israel. Reciprocal visits testify that the conflict caused by an Israeli refusal to fulfill its obligations regarding "Falcons" delivery would not interfere with business relations of two countries.

USA. United States and France have prolonged a dead line of lodging Jewish suits to French banks for 6 more months.

Jews able to prove their accounts in French banks were frozen during the Nazi occupation of France may lodge their suits. This fact was made public by the press service of US Department of State. Newly fixed deadline will expire in January 2003.

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