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July 2002
5762 Av

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Pyotr Lapidus has spent sixty years trying to find out his father's fate.

After the war he with his mother Ides Shoilovna Shwarzburd lived in Odessa in Hospitalnaya street 11. There they received a notice which text Pyotr remembers and will always remember "Lapidas Volko Peisakhovich, born in 1903, was called up in 1941 by the Odessa district military enlistment office, technician-quartermaster of 1st rank, deputy chief accountant of shops of the Primorskaya army group. Missing since July 1942. Excluded from the officer's lists by the order #01838 from July 17 1946".

But Pyotr Volkovich appeared a rather insistent person, faithful to his filial duty. He turned to the archives, veteran organizations in the hope to discover his father's traces. He knew only one thing: Volko Lapidus had fought on the Sebastopol land.

Already an Israel resident of Khaifa, Pyotr Lapidus did not give up searching. March 2001 he got the last distressing answer from the Central achieves of RF Ministry of Defense: "To give a grounded answer to your inquiry is not possible".

But traces of Volko Lapidus did come to light. This became possible owing to the searching efforts of the Sebastopol organization "Dolg" ("Duty"). This spring the youngsters have discovered the remains of twenty defenders of Sebastopol in the region of cape Khersones where early July 1942 thousands of Soviet soldiers fought till their last breath.

It has appeared possible to establish the names of two of them. A breast pocket of one soldier's blouse contained a cigarette holder with an engraving. "Sapar Bekishev". A small black pencil box kept one more name written on a sheet of paper: Volko Peisakhovich Lapidus.

Head of a searching group "Dolg" Maria Gavrilenko informed the editorial board of the Sebastopol "Book of Memory" about the names of these soldiers. She learned there that a resident of Bakhchisarai M. S. Shwarzburg (a relative of the killed soldier) had inquired about the fate of Volko Peisakhovich Lapidus. He was informed about this find.

Re-burial of the remains of twenty soldiers took place in May on the territory of State oceanarium in the Kazachya bay. A farewell salute... A sailor's platoon went past in a solemn march rendering military homage to heroic defenders of Sebastopol. Established names are inscribed on the obelisk.


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