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July 2002
5762 Av

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Jewish sights of this city are described in the booklet "Uzhgorod. Trip about memorable places of Jewish history", published by the Zakarpatje regional charitable fund "Khesed Shpira" and Zakarpatje regional society for protection of monuments of history and culture. After a short historic excursus a reader begins discovering the city with a synagogue of Hasids in the Korzo street, a Moorish-style synagogue in the Y. Fentsik street and the building of Rabbis located opposite it.

These are followed by a synagogue of neologists (conservatives), buildings of the Jewish cultural center will a school, Jewish gymnasium, charitable canteen and bakery as well as a Jewish cemetery.

An old trading center on both banks of the river Uzh with shops, workshops, restaurants and banks used to be populated chiefly by Jews. A Jewish national cultural association was functioning; Jewish theatrical society "Gabima" staged 40 performances in Yiddish. Prior to World War II Uzhgorod was home to four synagogues and five prayer houses. The only active synagogue nowadays is located in the Mukachevskaya street.

Under Nazis there were two ghettos in Uzhgorod, from where 14,000 Jews were sent to death. No plaques arc established in the place of ghettos.

Viron S. Uzhgorod. Memorable places of Jewish history. - Uzhgorod. 2001. 32p. with ill. 500 copies


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