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July 2002
5762 Av

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In 1933 one European country decided to enhance reliability of civil servants and adopted the "Law on regulating a national composition of the government apparatus" owing to which the mentioned apparatus got cleansed from wickedness and became completely "Juden-frei". In this way everything in that country began. Herr Shchekin interprets further developments there rather peculiarly. He writes that "in 1933 the World Jewish Congress declared a war on Nazi Germany having turned millions of defenseless Jews into a "party at war" and thus provoked, as a matter of fact, their further mass extermination".

So, everybody realizes now who is a true initiator of Holocaust. They are to blame themselves. The interpretation is far from being new - in the same 1933 one editor... not of a magazine "Personal" but of a newspaper "Der Sturmer", Shreicher by name, proclaimed, "Initiators of this terrible incitement are Jews of Germany. It were they who set other Jews abroad against the German people spreading lies and slander".

Though later the judges in the city of Nuremberg did not much approved of these words, and nobody has so far canceled their verdict (notwithstanding somebody's big desire to do this).

Everything is also clear regarding initiators of World War II. Not in vain did the chief of that very country - a rather popular among certain academic circles character Adolf, as it seems, by name - use to say, "Neither me, nor anybody else in Germany was striving for war. It was coveted for and provoked exclusively by those international politicians who either were Jews or protected their interests...". He himself further called to a "relentless struggle against the world poisoner of all peoples - international Jewry". We observe a surprising coincidence in views, don't we?

Author's interpretation of searching for a "Zionist trace" of organizers of terror acts September 11 last year in the USA is also interesting, as well as his hints at the attempts by "representatives of a known diaspora" to make a fortune out through this tragedy. This is not new, too. As early as in 1937 Herr once doctor Goebbels propounded, "Europe should see and recognize a threat... We shall fearlessly point at a Jew as an inspirer and initiator becoming rich owing to these terrible catastrophes...".

65 years later inspirers and initiators are exposed with the help of an armour-piercing argument about an "emerged Semite Ben Laden" whose true name, according to a Kharkov publicist E. Khodos, is, rather, "Benya Landau". If I am not mistaken, a "non-student of gymnasiums", chamberlain of his Emperor Majesty's court, inhabitant of a "Voronya Slobodka" Mitrich (a no less authoritative person than his Highness baron Khodos) used to indulge in similar investigations. He didn't like icebergs, "Over 10 years I don't live. I meet only Aisbergs, Vaisbergs, Aizenbergs and all sorts of Rabinovichis". Isn't it the same?

Let's now turn to literary criticism. Herr Shchekin's article harbors guide a few "miraculous discoveries" on this path, too. Its culmination, a place where the pathetic of denouncing a hated Zionism sounds the loudest, is, undoubtedly, quoting an excerpt from the work by M. Kanygin. The latter narrates about the book "Now and forever" allegedly written by "members of literary and political circles" S. Rot and I. Zangvel "during a Bolshevik coup d'etat in Russia". This supposedly book, according to Mr. Kanygin, tells about an advent of an "avenger" who "will destroy Europe for an age-long humiliation of Jewry", and Ukraine "will be turned into a howling desert. All young women-Ukrainians will be raped and killed". Though, young men are not mentioned. Most interesting, in this case, is to consider an opportunity to write such malicious twaddle by the mentioned in Mr. Kanygin's "testimony" Rot and Zangvil (not "Zangvel" as according to Herr Schekin). The matter is at the time of a "Bolshevik coup" Israel Zangvil was 53, he was a recognized and rather popular writer, publicist and public figure. Unlike him, Sesil Rot was only 18, he was a known to nobody freshman student of Oxford. After the graduation in 1920s he addressed himself to the Italian history. Jewish problems came into the focus of his activity only in early 1930s when his hypothetic co-author Zangvil had already passed away. Proceeding from this we should state a possibility for such a book to have appeared is equal to my together with Herr Shchekin's joint publication. So, I'll have to repeat once more, "Congratulations, citizen, who-has-lied".

I don't know about the habits established in academic circles, but in a decent society they call this forgery. Though, Herr Shchekin's article excels not only in these wonderful theories. Of no less interest are photos accompanying it. They are, probably, to strengthen an effect and to illustrate a savage grin of Zionism. I believe their selection leaves much to be desired. Judge by yourselves: a photo of a bus blown up to pieces should demonstrate, in Herr twice President's opinion, atrocities the Israeli military clique commits over a peaceful population. But the reality is exactly opposite - a regular Israeli route bus was exploded by "Palestinian fighters against the Israeli aggressor." The photo, naturally, doesn't show how many innocent peaceful people, children and women found their death in another act of terror. But this is, most likely, not so important for our ardent fighter against Zionism. Probably, the more - the better. Since, after him, "this sheer Nazi movement" is rooted in a "rather wide Jewish midst", and its basis lies in "both Judaism and national character".

Now we shall turn to a most eloquent photo that, in Herr Shchekin's opinion, should unconditionally attest to a complete identity of Zionism to Nazism. The frame depicts two scum holding a stretched black-white-red Nazi flag with a swastika in the center to demonstrate whose spiritual descendants they are and their true aims and methods. The proof seems irrefutable but for one thing. The photo demonstrates not Zionist Jews Herr twice President hates so much but, quite on the contrary, his beloved "heroic fighters for freedom of the Palestinian people". They adore burning American and Israeli flags in public, whereas a banner with swastika enjoys their great respect. It is not for nothing that "Mein Kampf" is rather popular in Palestinian Autonomy and is steadily one of leading bestsellers. There is nothing to be surprised at here because a former Jerusalem mufti Khadzh-Amin el-Hussein was in his time a true comrade-in-arms of Hitler and a personal friend of SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler. Mufti pinned much hope onto his friend in terms of a "final solution" and helped him as much as he could. He also was one of inspirers and participants of creating PLO his close relative heads nowadays.

I don't know whether subordinates have let down their chief or the academic personnel have misarranged something, or the friends from the Embassy of Palestinian Autonomy have sent wrong photos, but these illustrations have brought about a sheer embarrassment.

And I am much eager to learn the attitude to such a policy on the part of such undoubtedly respectable people who are ascribed to the international scientific editorial board of journal "Personal" chaired by Herr Schenkin: A. Akaev, E. Gaidar, V. Grinev, V. Kremen, V. Pinzenik, V. Semonizhenko, V. Yushchenko and others.

Do they identify themselves with Herr twice President in his heroic struggle against Zionism? Do they agree to his ardent appeal to struggle "against Zionism with its own means"? Will they show courtesy and keep silence? Will they pretend to be unaware of? It will be interesting to discover this.


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