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August 2002
5762 Elul

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During the war Asya Golan, residing now in Israel, was a little girl. In 1942 fascists began actively exterminating the Jewish population of the village of Goshchi and adjacent villages in the Rovno region. Asya managed to survive in one of the farmsteads, but many of her relatives remained forever in the Goshchi forest. Now, 65 years later, she offered a monument be established on the extermination place of the Jewish population of Goshchi and neighbouring villages to 1015 guiltless victims - men, women, children.

The monument was erected with the assistance of Rakhel Kats, a group of former Goshchi residents in Israel and some individuals.

Its solemn opening was attended by the delegation from Israel, former countrymen from other countries, relatives of the dead, local residents, representatives of local authorities.

On behalf of the California Jewish confederation (USA) Yitzhak Gelman, rescued during the extermination, expressed heartfelt gratitude to those local inhabitants and their relatives who had saved lives of their countrymen-Jews in the wartime. The head of the delegation Rakhel Kats expressed her hope that memory of guiltless victims will never allow horrors of genocide to happen again.

The ceremony of opening a monument to victims of fascism ended in a funeral prayer.


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