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December 2001
5762 Tevet

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On Kisleva 13,5762 the circumcision was performed in Belaya Tserkov for the first time since the collapse of the USSR.

By tradition, a woman brings the child into the room for circumcision. She takes the child from the mother and then hands the boy to a man. This married couple is called the kwaters. The kwaters were the rabbi of Belaya Tserkov Meir Oltsburg and rabbit Brakha Oltsburg. The Chief Moel of Ukraine rabbi Yaakov Gasinivich was to perform the circumcision. The moel took the boy from the kwater and declared his intention to perform circumcision. Khariton Berman, leader of Belaya Tserkov Jewish community, put the child on the armchair of prophet Eliyagu. Then the moel gave the child to the proxy father (sandak), on the knees of whom he was lying during the circumcision. Sandak was also rabbi Meir Oltsburg dressed in praying clothers (talit). Then the act of circumcision was performed. Ten men were present. They are called the minjan. The period of circumcision is the most suitable time for praying.

Meir Oltsburg pronounced two first blessing over the wine, prayer for the health and well-being of the child and his parents. Little Igor Kovalenko was given Jewish name Shneur-Zalman in honor of the first Lyubavich rebe - Rabbi Shneur-Zalman from Lyada.

All presentees congratulated the parents with the words "Mazl tov!" (Good lack). Then there was a feast of religious character (seudat-mitswa). The feast ended in special thanksgiving prayer.


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