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August 2002
5762 Elul

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Beginning in #15(34)

Doctor of technical sciences Senchenko was not much successful in using cliches of the communist party to present the rebellion headed by Bogdan Khmelnitsky only as a manifestation of class struggle.

Half-truth is a variety of deception, and a liberation struggle should not necessarily resort to total extermination of adherents to different faith, including the old, women and children.

A famous Ukrainian historian M.Kostomarov noted rebels hated Jews "sharper and fiercer than their masters. Each of rebellions is abundant in similar ways to give vent to this malice: synagogues and dwellings of Jews were devastated, their sacred objects and places fell prey to desecration, Jews themselves were drowned and hanged at any convenience". ("Kiev olden times", 1883, v.1, p.3.). A leading Ukrainian historian Mikhail Grushevsky wrote that in the XVII century anti-Semitism was characteristic of both Polish gentry and Ukrainian Cossack upper crust (Grushevsky M. History of Ukraine-Rus: in 10 v. Kiev-Vienna, 1913-1936, v.8, P.II, p.404). Though, Jews easily escaped the anger of rebels if they got converted to Orthodoxy. This was done by the Borukhovichy, Materovsky-Perekhristy, Gertsiks, Kryzhanovsky, Markovichs, Osipovichs and some others who betrayed the faith of their ancestors and fought on Cossacks' side.

If mister Senchenko considers total extermination of Jewish communities, recorded in numerous chronicles, "an adequate reaction of the people to inhuman sufferings...", then this testifies only to his own anti-Semitism.


Press and TV-screen revive party-time declarations like "Zionism is a tool of imperialism". Moving in this direction "Personal" (#5) published an article by the author of the TV-program "Windows to the world" ("STB" TV-channel) Y.Fedchenko "How much Arafat's jackals paid me?"

Y.Fedchenko interprets the gist of a Palestinian problem, UN and other intergovernmental structures fail to solve during about 60 years, in an utterly simply way, "...people (Palestinians) live in their territory (Palestine), have their land, houses... but other people (Jews from Diaspora) show up here and take everything away from them... All other things are merely NUANCES". Unfortunately, neither "Personal" nor "STB" had nobody to explain to Mr. Fedchenko that a specialist differs from a dilettante in being aware of namely NUANCES. The latter may be unaware of the fact Jews from Diaspora ran away from pogroms, Nazi prosecutions, they were seeking refuge after Holocaust when countries of Europe, America and Australia introduced strict quotas for immigrants. Refugees to have gathered in Palestine, in compliance with resolution #181 from November 29, 1947 by UN General Assembly, created their state and were immediately subjected to the aggression on the part of their Arab neighbors. It was this war that generated a problem of refugees international organizations, Arab and other countries are unable (or not willing) to, so far, solve. Such is the NUANCE.

Another NUANCE lies in the fact Egypt and Jordan, having seized the part of Palestine an Arab sate was to be created in pursuant to the same UN resolution, refused to do it. They also didn't fulfil the part of the resolution according to which Jerusalem, they had seized, was to become an independent zone under an international rule. That's why Palestinians are stateless whereas other Arabs citizens of Israel have no territorial claims on this country.

The third nuance boils down to the illiteracy of anonymous scientific assertions on "colonial practice of Zionism being the CAUSE of this protracted conflict". Since the late XVIII century (long before Zionism appeared) European countries had desired the territory of Palestine. To realize this desire projects of restoring ancient Judea used to emerge. Prince Grigory Potemkin, Napoleon Bonaparte, other representatives of power structures of England and France held preparations to actualize projects. For nearly 100 years Christian rulers were convincing Jews to return to Palestine, but only pogroms in Ukraine and "Case of Dreifus" in France gave an impetus to the movement called later "Zionism". Nowadays, the number of members of the World Zionist organization is a little over one million people. That's why only the person convinced of Jews' exceptionality and chosenness by GOD can allege their 'colonial practice' opposes Arab countries with their over one hundred million population. Such convictions are characteristic of anti-Semites who see the reason of all misfortunes exclusively in Jews.

Anti-Semitism in our century is closely linked to Ukrainophobia, which is confirmed by Fedchenko's article. He asserts many Ukrainians are unable to comprehend the idea of a national liberation movement... Ukrainians, unlike Palestinians, remain too young to realize they should struggle for their liberation". In other words, the article's author flatly rejects adherence of the majority of Ukrainians to the national idea, i.e. he considers them non-national mankurts.

The author of "STB", like historians, is bursting to become a revisionist though, having quit a school age, he could know a problem under revision should be well studied. Instead of revision, he plunged into reiterating dogmas of the communist party "anti-Zionism" which frequently was of an openly anti-Semitic character. Like Soviet "anti-Zionists", a newly born "revisionist" presents supporters of a peaceful solution of the Middle East conflict as fighters against Zionists. The author mentions, in this connection, the meeting Yitzhak Rabin was killed at, but doesn't say the late head of Israel's government was not at all an opponent to Zionism. The former Prime Minister of Israel, like other adversaries of the military solution of Palestinian problem, was a true Zionist.

Ukraine is unlikely to suggest arguments for or against a particular way to solve the Palestinian problem the Israel's Knesset hasn't heard. That's why one should study a lot to be able to revise something, though this has already been mentioned. Israel has quite a few its own opposition members and revisionists. There also are such synagogue parishioners who, residing in the country, do not recognize its existence. True, unlike an "STB" PR-man, they are well aware of the subject they revise. Fedchenko himself can't fail to realize his incompetent and biased interpreting the reasons of the Middle East conflict. So, the question in the articles has a clear and distinct answer expressed in a certain sum...


Anti-Semitic manifestations of the Nazi-like "Idealist" are successfully complemented by the magazine-digest of the left opposition "What is to be done" edited by a people's deputy V.Sirenko (Committee of VR of Ukraine on legal policy). The digest's last page advertises books by the "Oriyany" publishing house that publishes the given magazine, too. Among these books we see the work by an anti-Semite O.Platonov "Russia under the power of masons", Nazi opus by H. Ford "International Jewry", which the author renounced as early as in 1927, as well as another publication by M.Shestopal "Jews in Ukraine".

Doctor of historic sciences, head of the department of Institute for political and ethnic national studies of NAS of Ukraine, professor A.Maiboroda wrote in his expert conclusion on the latter book that Shestopal creates a distorted image of the entire nation attributing to it worst human qualities.

In A.Maibiroda's opinion, basic provisions of Shestopal's work, the "character of the selected material and its interpretation are able to promote forming a society's negative attitude to the Jewish community". Beside the mentioned editions, "Oriyany" published the works "Jewish issue as seen by American" by an anti-Semite David Duke and "Dispute on Zion" by a Nazi Duglas Reed.

In the previous Verkhovna Rada V.Sirenko headed the committee he is a member of now. Is there any need, then, to get astonished at a court's anti-Semitism with which analysis we began our article?


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