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October 2002
5763 Cheshvan

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61 years ago fascists began shooting Jews in Babiy Yar. A mourning ceremony dedicated to this tragic even was held near the "Menorah" monument in Kiev September 30.

This year the ceremony was held a day later since a traditional September 29 coincided with the holiday Simkhat-Torah.

Nearly 300 persons took part in the ceremony. The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of State of Israel to Ukraine Anna Azari noted the experience of already the XXI century testifies to the fact mankind has not learnt "the lessons of Holocaust". As an example she gave manifestations of terrorism in the world over the last year.

The Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Ditmar Shtudemann underlined the presence of Ambassadors of both Israel and Germany at the meeting was symbolic. "Germany tries to draw proper conclusions from what has happened, to reconsider values from the position of reconciliation and tolerance", - said Shtudemann. He also noted the Germans "are grateful to the Jewish people and Israel for their consent to reconciliation".

Head of the delegation of Jewish agency in Israel and Moldova Alex Kats spoke about the importance of eradicating anti-Semitism which again raises its head.

Head of the department of Kiev city state administration Vladimir Novikov noted the crime committed 61 years ago was aimed not only at Jewish people, but at the entire humanity as well.

Many of those speaking paid attention to constructing in Babiy Yar a Community center "Heritage" the project of which evoked so many disagreements and varied reaction in the Jewish community of Kiev and beyond its bounds. Director of the Kiev "Joint" Vladimir Glozman declared implementation of the project would promote developing tolerance in the society.


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