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October 2002
5763 Cheshvan

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August 29 - September 1, 2002 a cosy hall of the Feodosia "Khesed Atikva" hosted the last of five modules to train leaders of the program "Hire of rehabilitation equipment "of kheseds from Central, Western and Eastern Ukraine. This is a principally new training course jointly developed by the Kiev institute for social and community workers and coordinator of the program "Hire of rehabilitation equipment" from the Jerusalem "Joint" Shulamit Gershovich. A Jerusalem "Joint" lady-official Yael Kalkhaim and assistant of the CIS program coordinator Sergei Kallistov took part in the course activities.

The course comprises 260 academic hours, 120 of them are dedicated to theory and the rest - to practical skills. After each module the participants received home task to be checked at the following seminar. The course ended in defending diploma papers. 19 papers were submitted. The themes were diverse: from "Hire..." as one of the khesed programs and its interaction with other programs" to "Psychological rehabilitation of a patient as an integral part of the "Hire..." program". Both listeners and lecturers were rather excited...

Finally, all papers were successfully defended, all emotions - left behind.

"Certificates" were handed in a solemn atmosphere.

A graduates' party was wonderful: there was a students' party with many surprises one of which coming from Shulamit Gershovich - tee-shirts from Israel with the inscription "I was "hired" in full measure 2002".

Listeners returned to their kheseds to continue their minute daily work, so necessary and important for those in need and for service workers themselves.


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