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November 2002
5763 Kislev

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October 27 the Kiev planetarium hosted a Fair of Israeli youth programs and higher education organized by the "Sokhnut" Jewish agency. The ambassador of State of Israel to Ukraine and Moldova Anna Azari already traditionally opened the event.

She greeted the participants and visitors and reminded the words of world proletariat's chief about the necessity "to study, study and once more study".

The Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Beer-Shev universities presented a wide range of information - programs, booklets and videos allowing of properly fulfilling by far the worst behest of Ilyich. The audience was genuinely interested in the speech by an editor of Israel's daily newspaper "Vesti" Yevgeny Selts on the current events and situation in Israel. Visitors bombarded the journalist with questions, which couldn't bypass the analogy between Palestinian and Chechen terrorism caused by tragic events in the Theatre center in Dubrovka in Moscow.

Importunate clowns-mimes entertained people in the corridors juggling and hitting gapers with air logs. Guys from Khabad established here a portrait of the Lubavichi Rabbi and eager Jews had an opportunity to put on tfilin and pronounce "Shma, Israel" backed by a crib. Representatives of the "Makhabi" kosher cafe secured a yet bigger likeness to Israel's atmosphere with the help of pitas, khumus and salad "khatsilim".

The youth was really stirred by specialists in "body art" painting Israeli flags, dolphins and different queer patterns on the faces.

A large black man was particularly noticeable among those present. He appeared a Congolese cooperating with the Jewish agency and also a husband of a Vinnitsa "Sokhnut" staff member.

A pleasant surprise became a lottery. Participants were simply to fill in an application form. Those lucky won a TV-set, radiophone and radio cassette.

Meanwhile, the audience in the hall was marking the Day of Jewish community. Tens of teachers, volunteers, doctors were awarded prizes and honorable title "Man of the year" in different nominations. Particularly touching became the words of a nominee Yefim Kanevsky, a former tank crewmember, Patriotic War veteran, who now repairs pressure gauges. "I wish people have normal pressure for my work to be useless".

After the event organizers, around 2000 people visited the fair that day.

Photo by Eduard Doks

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