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November 2002
5763 Kislev

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FBI states that Muslim terrorist organizations in the Middle East annually receive up to thirty million dollars from America's petty Arab businessmen. Yet, despite obvious proof the secret services had gathered, the American authorities got on the alert only after they had made certain of "Al-Qaeda's" receiving funds from the same gold-bearing river. It is this organization which militants-kamikaze attacked WTC towers in New York September 11 last year.

Specialized computer programs were used to gather evidence. "The Washington Post" writes, "...gold and money are delivered to Islamic militants through diverse channels including traditional ones: pockets, luggage. April 30 this year 659 thousand dollars in cash were found in New York Kennedy airport in... baby food packing. Sums below 10 thousand dollars are dispatched by post, in registered postal packets..."

Let's leave USA and return, with the help of the "France Soir" newspaper, to Europe, namely, to the biggest in France port Marseilles. Here on the eve of the New York mega-act of terror a famous surgeon, owner of the local "Clinique Florence" Jean-Jacques Peshar was killed with two point-blank shots in his own car.

The killer - a man in dark glasses and a scarf over his face - used a semi-automatic rifle.

Two soft lead bullets, traditional for deer hunting, chopped half Peshar's skull off. The Marseilles criminal police were prompt to telecast a photo-robot of a suspected killer that very night. Several hours later the police received a phone call from a person with criminal past. He called himself Longes and informed the photo-robot was his copy. He pleaded not guilty of the murder stating he had only driven the car with the killer. The latter appeared a Lebanese Ali. Longes insisted Ali fulfilled somebody's order as he saw Peshar for the first time and checked his victim's face against the photo. Longes told no lies. The killer, true, appeared a Lebanese emigrant Ali. He had nothing to conceal since a bigger part of his remuneration had already been transferred to Lebanon. He told the investigators he had fulfilled the order of his "Muslim brothers" but was unaware of their ultimate goal. The popular "France Soir" immediately assumed Arabs were persuading Peshar to sell his highly profitable "Clinique Florence". When this failed, they decided on removing him. "France Soir" had every reason to have come to such conclusion. Shortly before Peshar's murder in Marseilles was killed an owner of the "Nord" clinic Egyptian Leons Mutt, a citizen of France.

The investigation again came onto an "Arab trace". The Marseilles police charged an Algerian businessman Jean Shuraki, the proud owner of four clinics.

A 70-year-old Leons Mutt, intimidated and tired of rendering resistance, asked for 140 mln francs, but Shuraki offered only 110 mln. Soon Mutt was killed.

The deeper investigators penetrated into the mysteries of both murders, the more parallels between them they discovered. Both owners of Marseilles clinics were in the way of a criminal Arab syndicate laying its hands on lucrative business. "France Soir" didn't name, observing the investigation rules, the suspects - engineer Mohammed P, doctor Ibad K, lawyer Mohammed K. and so on. There were found eyewitnesses to tell about talks the syndicate held to purchase several textile factories.

The "France Soir" concluded Arabs are so much at home in France that they participate in re-distribution of its property to promote international terrorism. Only this year the Israelis trying to get rooted in Europe have lost two criminal figures - Ofer Maksimov and Felix Abutbul, both - forever. The next one may appear a not unknown Zeev Rozenstein, whom the police still call "one of the leaders of Israel's organized criminality".

Law-enforcement agencies possess the information after which this man has taken, in recent years, his capital to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe to invest it into casino business. So far, he is doing well.

But will this prosperity last long?

And will anybody protect him from a spreading over Europe cancerous tumor of Arab petty business pumping hundreds of millions of dollars over to Islamic fundamentalists and their terrorist cells in the Middle East?

As for Ofer Maksimov, the main character of a noisy case on stealing a fantastic sum in quarter a billion shekels from the Tel-Aviv department of Commerce bank, he, as well as Felix Abutbul, has probably become a target for an Arab killer...

I got through to Mr. T., lawyer of Ofer Maksimov, and asked him to comment on a recent declaration by an arrant criminal Kemal Turk involved in a number of ordered killings in Yaffo.

- He has invented everything! - the lawyer cried indignantly through a "pelephone". - This impudent fellow tells lies to draw attention to him! - and he switched off his mobile phone. Does he? Who knows? In any case, the police took Kemal Turk's confessions in earnest and filed them. This concerned the "order" worth half a million shekels promised to the killer for Ofer Maksimov's removal.

Who hired Kemal Turk to liquidate the Israeli to have started an almost 50-million dollar worth business in Bucharest? Kemal Turk points at Zeev Rozenstein but the latter neglectfully defied the accusations, though his lawyer: to be on the safe side, informed the police about the alibi of his client. What am I driving at? Kemal Turk, who was once involved into a political case (an attempt on the life of Kfar-Saba's mayor), is an obedient tool in others' hands and participates in a destructive war the Muslims wage in Eastern and Western Europe against the attempts of Israeli business - both shady and legal - to take firm roots on the continent.

The murder of Felix Abutbul in Prague and "ordered attempt" upon Ofer Maksimov in Bucharest, the countries of a collapsed Warsaw treaty where a "Prague treaty" of international criminal rules now - these are stories of one "descent". The same forces are active in both cases with the sole difference - Abutbul is already killed and Maksimov is still alive since his case has gone along another road and he is kept in an Israeli prison.

... Nazis in Europe of 1930's "gained strength" organizing Jewish pogroms and appropriating Jewish property. The Europe of the early third millennium witnesses the same old scenario. Though this time extremists shout "Allah akbar" instead of "Heil", worship other idols and choose Israelis for targets.

"Vesti", Israel

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