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December 2002
5763 Tevet

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Miron Amusja is a professor at the Jewish university in Jerusalem, senior research officer of the physics-technologic institute named after A.Ioffe in Petersburg.

Of late international mass media have taken to "bleaching" Arafat and its regime and slandering Israel. This ill-famed occupation has united professional European "peace-lovers" and their supporters, including a small but noisy group of leftist radical University professors. From somewhere there was extricated the information on a firm pressure autonomy's leadership exerts on the "wilful" terrorists to stop their "liberation" activity within, at least, "the green line" in compliance with requests of their friends from European Union. There also emerged "true" information of BBC interviewing our hero-'refusenik'. His reluctance to serve on the "occupied territories" casts a challenge to a court system of "the police state" Israel. The same BBC has broadcasted the information about "mass slaughter" in Jenin hoping, perhaps, that listeners have forgotten a forced confession UN Secretary General made half a year ago about denying the fact of slaughter!

Staffs of a number of universities in Europe and USA issue petitions calling to boycott Israeli academics. Most "daring" ones declare individual boycotts. Leftist Israeli scholars play a significant role in this campaign.

Press and TV, governmental, chiefly European, "peace-makers" and public assistants again dress up a "Ramallah's prisoner" as a statesman.

An Amnesty International's report has become an important link in this campaign: seven months past the events "a mouse" gave birth to a mountain of lies on Jenin's slaughter! Terrorists got inspired by such mighty support and responded with a series of new attacks. This is not the first cycle: each time Israel's military might makes terrorists cease their activity for some time, "peace-lovers" and "peace-makers" literally rush to help them. Such repeated reiteration of the same scenario cannot be incidental. This chain of events compels to again ask oneself a question who and why apprehends a military victory of Israel in the struggle against terror. In my opinion, these are:

1. Arab rulers, in particular, of neighboring with Israel countries. They need a constantly smoldering conflict, demonstrating the existence of a strong enemy - the reason of their people's poverty. At the same time, they need to restrain Arafat and Co. as they fear strengthening of this power.

2. Palestinian leadership. They (Arafat and his group) are interested in a permanent war as the only possible way for a satisfied existence. Creation of their own state would undermine their material welfare and throw them into a historic cesspool.

3. Leaders of European countries. For them Israel's military victory would mean the necessity to allow 20-30 thousand bandits-fugitives into their countries. The doors of neighboring Arab countries will, naturally, be closed for these bandits. Fugitives will bring to Europe and, to a lesser extent, USA their craft: terrorism, including a suicidal one, and drug trading.

That's why the conflict should absolutely necessarily be held within its present borders. One should also bear in mind that Israel's victory would, most probably, largely reduce a flow of aid, in the first turn from UN, to autonomy's inhabitants. It would also affect personal financial interests of this aid's distributors.

4. Leftist radical western intelligentsia. For them this is the last class-national conflict worth attention in today's world. In view of the absence of better objects, they have to consider Israel an apartheid country, invader and enslaver. Whereas Arafat and his gangs are victims of exploitation and fighters for freedom. Class hatred, characteristic of the leftist radical intelligentsia, transforms here into a rather safe and lucrative hatred towards Israel.

The last thing is linked to the financial support of anti-Israeli moods and corresponding "scientific" research works.

5. World mass media. They are under a strong influence of leftist intelligentsia, which largely determines their stance. Naturally, mass media are perfectly aware of European interest in restricting the terrorist war with Israeli borders. Obvious and rather frequent distortion of facts by TV and press demonstrates personal, probably financial, interests in the anti-Israeli character of information and an understandable fear of ubiquitous terrorist organizations.

6. Left-wing political leaders of Israel. They fear a possibility of military victory as a retrospective proof that Oslo agreements of 1992 had a worthy alternative. Consequently, having decided on the Oslo way, they or their predecessors committed, at least, carelessness, a criminal one considering the scale of consequences. Israel's victory would prove their policy of shameful truckling is groundless. Adherence to this policy is strong, which is confirmed by the results of recent elections of the "Avoda" party's leader.

7. Significant part of Israeli media journalists. They are active proponents of a so-called "peace process". With their help leftists and extreme leftists have established their dominance in mass media, which allows them imposing their will, the will of minority, on Israel's population. A number of left journalists quite often provide distorted information about actions of the army and government of Israel and settlers. They actively feed anti-Israelism in the country and abroad. Israel's victory would put an end to such journalism.

8. Leftists and ultra-leftists of Israel. Their motivation is similar to that of left radical western intelligentsia. Their hostility towards modern Israel, desire to see such "Middle East Holland" in its place acquire particularly ugly forms uniting them, at times, with Israel's direct enemies, including Arafat and his gang. Undoubtedly, the European Union subsidizes their activity to a significant extent. Though, there are home incentives, too, which origin refers to the sphere of patopsychology.

Elucidating roots of anti-Israeli moods in the West, we shouldn't, naturally, forget about deep centuries-long anti-Semitism and a subconscious desire to do away with the feeling of shame for the extermination of European Jewry during WWII. We also shouldn't forget about a desire, possibly subconscious, of many particularly initiative and loud "intellectuals" to balance their Jewish origin with anti-Israelism. Do not forget about our oil dependence on the Arab world.

All these factors exist, but they do not determine the reluctance to allow Israel's victory over terror. The recent experience of a protracted anti-Serbian, often simply slanderous, campaign by world media and the experience of bombing Yugoslavian towns attest to this. Serbs are definitely not Jews, and NATO's actions cannot be explained by anti-Semitism. The explanation can lie in the unwillingness to allow a Serbs' victory in Kosovo not to let remaining terrorists penetrate into Europe. This can also explain pro-Chechen moods in the West. As for oil dependence on the Arab world, it is usually exaggerated - regular goods' deliveries from the West are no less important than oil delivery from the East. Air raids on Yugoslavia proved that the West stops before nothing in defending its vital interests.

A long list of those opposing Israel's victory in its struggle against terror should not intimidate or discourage. A list of those interested in our victory, especially in Israel itself, is much longer. Knowledge of the opponents and motives of their behavior eases neutralizing their efforts.


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